General Policies and Requirements

We offer boarding and daycare services for Indoor Cats.


  1. A signed Boarding Contract with all contact information provided.

  2. We accept only indoor cats, neutered males, spayed females and kittens over 6 mo. of age.  All animals must have current vaccines,

  3. Specialized care and medication management for the following conditions are not available: Diabetic cats, seizure disorders, asthmatics, ANY unstable conditions, fragile geriatric cats, or chronically ill cats.

  4. Provide microchip and licensing numbers, if applicable.

  5. You must leave us with a credit card number on file to cover any veterinary emergencies. You will be able to set a limit to this expense.

  6. No injectable medications will be administered.

  7. We will administer oral and/or topical medication if your veterinarian verifies in writing that pet is not contagious.

  8. Additional daily fees for oral and/or topical medication will be added to the total cost of you cats stay. Oral = $2.00 | Topical = $3.00

  9. Vaccines required are current FVR-CP and Rabies.

  10. If you request a waiver of any vaccines, a written explanation from your veterinarian is required. No Exceptions!

  11. Flea prevention required. To check for fleas use a flea comb and look for either fleas or flea dirt. Flea dirt is reddish brown and will appear on both your cat and on his and/or her bedding. If you are not certain when you last put flea medication on your cat please apply medication a full week before the drop off date.

  12. If fleas are observed on your cat/bedding and if pre-boarding flea preventative has been applied longer than 30 days ago, I reserve the right to give your cat a Novartis Capstar tablet and apply new dose of Advantage for a fee. The pet will be isolated until medication has done its job.

  13. If your cat arrives with an unmanageable amount of fleas I reserve the right to not accept your cat.

  14. If I suspect an issue with a mild medical problem, I will treat, if possible, with OTC medications (IE: Ear Mites, Ringworm). The pet will be isolated until picked up by client or emergency contact. Additional charges will be incurred for medication, including medication for other cats under my care that need to be treated for contagious issues.

  15. If symptoms are severe enough, I will take your cat to the veterinarian specified and approve treatment up to the limit specified in the boarding contract.

  16. Cat’s nails will be trimmed for $6 IF they are causing discomfort to your pet, or damage other than normal scratching play.

  17.  If 4 or more cats in the same family have reservations, a $50 deposit is required before stay. If the reservation is cancelled with less than 7 days notice (14 days notice for peak holiday periods)  I have the discretion to retain the deposit.

  18. Your cat’s picture will be taken for the boarding file and my advertisement/website purposes. Please let me know if you don’t want your cats picture taken.

  19. We accept cash, credit cards and checks.

*Novartis Capstar will kill adult fleas for 24hrs.