A Little About Us

Back in 2012, if someone had told me that I would be moving from New York City and starting my own business in Olympia Washington I might have laughed at them. Starting my own business was just a talking point with my friends over a couple of beers. An idea that would not have been realized had my husband and I decided to stick it out in the hustle and bustle of city life. Since moving from an apartment in Brooklyn the size of a janitor’s closet to a decent sized house many prospects have now arisen.

First and foremost I am an artist, so starting a business down the stairs from my studio is fantastic. Starting a cat boarding business is something I have toyed with for a while. In 2012 my husband and I were new to Olympia. We moved to an apartment in Tumwater and after settling in the topic of who would be looking after our cats came up. After all we are miles away from friends and family and we wanted our cats to be safe and stress free, so what could we do with our kitties when we went on vacations? After much deliberation and internet research we settled on Sweet Teaze Cat B&B run by Roseann Presswood and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. As most cat owners will agree change is not something that comes easy to our furry friends. We needed a place that had all the comforts of a cozy home so knew we had made the right choice with Sweet Teaze Cat B&B the moment we rang Roseann’s doorbell. Her cat room was a perfect space that provided all the safety, comfort and stimulation that any cat on vacation could ever want.

We were saddened to hear that Roseann decided to retire from cat boarding; after all our cats love staying with her. The inspiration behind opening Charlotte’s Cat Shack Cat Boarding is in part thanks to Roseann’s business. Inspired by Roseann’s quality level of care and the loving support of my husband Keith, Charlotte’s Cat Shack Cat Boarding will offer the same cozy, safe and mentally stimulating environment. Now not only am I laughing about opening a cat boarding business I am also smiling about it. Going from freelance cat lady to professional cat lady is awesome and I mean that with no sarcasm at all.

I’m really looking forward to Charlotte’s Cat Shack Cat Boarding opening.