Charlotte's Cat Shack Cat Shack Winter Break (January 11 - 25, 2018)

Hello everyone! A very quick update for you all. I've blocked off a couple of weeks in January 2018 which means Charlotte's Cat Shack Cat Boarding will be closed January 11th - 25th. I will not be accepting cats for this two week period. Booking requests and questions will still be accepted and answered in a timely fashion during this time. Thank you.

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New way to contact Charlotte's Cat Shack Cat Boarding

Good day everyone! I have just updated my Google business account to include the ability to receive text messages. If you have any questions regarding Charlotte's Cat Shack Cat Boarding you now have the option to text me from my Google business page. If you don't hear from me right away please allow one business day for me to get back to you. Thanks!


Charlotte Penner

Business Hours Update

Hello everyone,

My business hours are changing a little bit. I am still open Monday through Sunday. However now my hours for Monday - Saturday are 8am - 11am , 3pm - 6pm and on Sundays: 8am - 11am. Appointments can be made if you need to drop off and/or pick up your cat(s) during closed hours. Thank you!


Charlotte Penner