Charlotte's Cat Shack Cat Shack Winter Break (January 11 - 25, 2018)

Hello everyone! A very quick update for you all. I've blocked off a couple of weeks in January 2018 which means Charlotte's Cat Shack Cat Boarding will be closed January 11th - 25th. I will not be accepting cats for this two week period. Booking requests and questions will still be accepted and answered in a timely fashion during this time. Thank you.

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Business Hours Update

Hello everyone,

My business hours are changing a little bit. I am still open Monday through Sunday. However now my hours for Monday - Saturday are 8am - 11am , 3pm - 6pm and on Sundays: 8am - 11am. Appointments can be made if you need to drop off and/or pick up your cat(s) during closed hours. Thank you!


Charlotte Penner